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Found 32 results

  1. My wife recently encountered what I believe may be a defect with the Feeding Pellets implementation in Agricola for iOS. During the harvest after round 9 in a four-player game, she started out with 1 Sheep. She had pasture-space to hold more (at least 3 I believe). She also had plenty of food to feed her family that turn already in stock. First in the field phase, she received a vegetable. During the feeding phase, she used Feeding Pellets to swap one vegetable for one more sheep. She saw that she had two sheep in the pasture and confirmed. Immediately after that, she was back to only 1 sheep, though the vegetable was still gone. She was expecting to have 2 sheep become 3 sheep during the breeding phase, but the sheep she'd traded for via Feeding Pellets had disappeared. I can provide screennames of all the players in this game, if you have someone that wants to check the game log in the database to confirm, though I imagine it'd be best if I emailed or PM'd the correct admin directly. If it matters: 1) She's using an iPhone 5S with the latest OS updates. 2) She got the vegetable from a field she planted with Hobby Farmer.
  2. In game #556321, I, as USSR, played Shuttle Diplomacy on the last action round of turn 10. No scoring cards were played after. On final scoring, the game reduced my battleground count for both Asia and Middle East by one, and I lost the game at score zero instead of winning at score -1. The text of the Shuttle Diplomacy card explicitly says that the event Does not count for Final Scoring at the end of Turn 10.
  3. This is something that I noticed several times: Me and my adversary bid exactly the same thing, e.g., +1 for USSR. The program tells me that my adversary won the bid, and that I will play US with +1 extra unit. But when the game begins, it's the converse: I get to play the USSR and my adversary has the US with +1 unit.
  4. Never mind, i saw an earlier post saying there was no place to coup. How do you delete a post on here?
  5. I have been enjoying TS on the iPad for a while now, thanks for all your hard work in bringing one of my favourite games to my tablet! Having played plenty of games now, one of my feelings is that the probability distribution of the dice rolls is off. While I don't have concrete numbers, I feel there is an over indexing of 1s, especially when playing 4 ops cards for coups. Further to this, I also feel there is an improbably high number of same roll runs, especially on coups. Having played 100 plus games, I have experienced at least 3 or 4 runs of 1 rolls up to 4 times in a row. Based on my simple maths, this should only occur with a probability of 1/1296. Assuming 20 coups per game (a high estimate) this translates to 2000 rolls based on 100 games. So having at least 3 or 4 same roll runs feels too much for my taste. Clearly this is a possibility, but the four 1s in a row feel much more prevalent that 4 roll runs of other numbers. There may well be some bias based on 1 rolls being more painful and therefore more memorable, but I'm pretty sure something is off... Have you run any logging on the dice rolls? If so, can you please do some distribution analysis to verify that your random number generator is not biased? I know they are not perfect but having played a lot of the actual board game as well, the rolls in the iOS version do not match the feel of the tabletop version. Has anyone else noticed this? Forgive me if my maths is off... Many thanks.
  6. So I usually launch a new Late War scenario to show off the game on iPad to friends who like Twilight Struggle but don't know the iPad version. It's usually gets them very excited. It's the pause and then immediate transition into the Jimmy Carter voiceover which is the initial dazzle. But I noticed that with the Turn Zero app update and the new synth snare drum music, when I launch the Late War scenario, the snare drum music starts a few seconds, and then abruptly and incongruently, the Carter voice comes on... the effect is jarring , not pleasing to the ear, and distracting rather than dazzling. Can the snare drum music be switched off here... thanks!!
  7. Steps to reproduce: Create Offline Game and play as USSR Be lucky and have De-Stalinization in your hand Play De-Stalinization as Headline You hit bug here, De-Stalinization will be ignored and you will play AR1 without benefiting from De-Stalinization. Cheers.
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