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Found 31 results

  1. Writing text with special characters like å ä ö in the chat will strip characters of the end of the string when sent. Actually each special char seem to remove one char from the end. Example: This is a sträng will appear as This is a strän and See whät I cän do will appear as See whät I cän This might seem silly in the US or UK but here in Sweden we like our special chars, they are cool. Warning: dots does not necessarily make everything cooler, like when Troja wanted to be as cool as Mötley crüe. (A tröja is not really considered hard rock)
  2. Offline game played on Windows 7 Twilight Struggle v1.0.3.3 US player against AI When I played Blockade for placing 1 influence, I was not offered to discard a card, even if I had 2 3-point cards. All units in West-Germany were removed. Red Scare/Purge was not in play. In another game, also US vs AI, playing Blockade again, this time I chose to resolve the event first, and this time was correctly offered to discard a 3-point card. So, the problem seems to be when US chooses to use the point of Blockade before resolving the event.
  3. v1.0.3.2, playing offline When a reshuffle is needed because the draw stack has an insufficient number of cards left, for example at turn 3 or 7, the remaining cards are dealt first and shown. At least one card is missing when that first part of the hand is shown. I know because I have been tracking which cards have been removed and discarded, and know how many cards were left in the draw stack, and which ones. Such tracking is useful to know at least a good part of you opponent's hand at turn 3 and 7. I should have been given one more card at that point. However, after the reshuffle, my hand is completed correctly and I have the right number of cards. One of the cards that I received in that second part of the is a card that I should have been given in the first part, so it is mainly a display problem.
  4. 1. Game ended with my victory on time. Yet the displayed information was that my opponent forfeited the game. That is misleading - there should be a different message for it. Plus, it really wasn't a "crushing victory" - some diversity perhaps? 2. In the game summary the popup with rating change info was displayed, but there were no numbers in it. 3. After the game finished, but before I clicked ok, my time was still flowing - perhaps it's just a minor annoyance, but please verify what happens, when the winning player's time ends. I don't know the game's number, but it is the first one I played (same nick and email like in the forum), so you should have no trouble finding it. By the way - it would be nice if there was a way to look at your finished games, not just the summary.
  5. asyncritus

    Flower Power bug

    Flower Power and Camp David Accords have both been played, meaning the Arab-Israeli War card is no longer considered a war card; however, upon playing Arab-Israeli War as the US, the USSR was awarded 2 VPs. Ruling on this situation by Jason Matthews here: http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX/?14@@.1dcfda60/983
  6. game #2330 : MathieuPP (USA) vs jsmp (USSR) bug : USA played Missile Envy at his action round 7 (turn 4). USSR than proceeded to play ME as his headline card for turn 5. This is a bug as ME has to be played on the NEXT ACTION ROUND (not headline phase). USSR player wasn't forced to play missile envy but chose to do so anyways, despite the wording of the card. Please fix that bug. P.S. : USSR ended up winning despite admitting abusing that bug (wargames). Is it possible to remove that game from the reccords?