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Found 1 result

  1. A mistake many new players to Ascion seem to make is not knowing when to stop buying cards for their effects, and start buying them for their value. As the game progresses into the late turns, you have a smaller chance of drawing the cards you buy (unless you got some awesome banish early on). Therefore the victory points the card is worth start to become more important than what the cards do when played. Towards the end, you want to start picking up cards that have good value. That is to say the cards give a good number of points per their rune value. A 4 rune card giving two points is standard. But a 4 rune card giving 3 points is a good value. The best value cards are the "one for one" cards and Mechana Constructs. If you see the victory point pool is getting low, concentrate on grabbing as many high value cards as possible. For some reason, many new players fail to do this, and it really hurts them in the final scoring.
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