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Found 2 results

  1. Please add 60 min time limit. Currently there are 45 min and 90 min options and it's too big gap between them. And as far as I know 1-hour time limit is often used in online tournaments.
  2. I have a request to the game developers: Can the replay function please be enhanced? Sometimes it's just fun to watch a replay of a game you liked. And also it could be a valuable analysis tool to improve your skills. Right now you can already scroll back in the game log to see which card was played and what was done with it. But which cards did you have in hand at that time? And which cards did the other player have in his hand actually? I have the following specific requests to improve game replays: - Show player's hand at the time of playing the card - Show the position on the board at the time of playing the card (rather than only the final position) - Make it possible to see the other player's hand - Make it possible to see replays of games of other players as a neutral spectator (so games you were not even playing in), for example games played by users in your friend list. I hope these are reasonable and feasible ideas. I also am curious what other people think of this idea, so please comment if you support them!
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