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Found 2 results

  1. This isn't something I've been able to test, but I just wanted to see if it's on your radar. If someone plays the Baking Field, which mandates that grain from it be baked during the harvest, how does it handle the scenario in which a baking improvement has been removed? For instance, the Madonna Statue improvement can remove other improvements. Use Case: Player builds a Fireplace. Player builds a Baking Field. Player plants grain on the Baking Field. Player builds a Madonna Statue, removing the Fireplace and some other improvement, but keeping the Baking Field. Harvest time comes. Grain comes from field, but player has no apparatus for baking bread. What would the rules be in this case? Convert the grain into one food? Does the app properly handle it, or does it lock up?
  2. Last night, I was playing Agricola offline against an AI opponent. I built the Seasonal Plants improvement. I had two fields in my farmyard. On turn 14, I did a Sow action, placing a vegetable on one field and a grain on the other. After confirming that I was planting these fields, I was given a screen with a little "+1" token in the bottom right. My understanding is that this was the interface for the Seasonal Plants, and that it would let me choose which field to plan to. However, as I dragged the +1 token, neither of my fields lit up. I was unable to attach the +1 to either the grain or vegetable field.
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