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Christmas is coming, what have you got for us, Playdek...?!

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heya --


so, the spending holidays will soon be upon us...  i just ordered a bunch of Ascension Apprentice Edition sets to give as Christmas gifts to some of my gamer friends...


what cool things have you got for me to spend my hard-earned, liquid income on...?  i already have all of the sets and promo packs [i play via Android]...  i'm not all that interested in your other games at this time, but if you dangle shiny, cool, Ascension-ey stuff in front of me i probably won't be able to summon up much in the way of restraint...


Realms Unraveled, maybe...?


c'mon, spill the goods...


peace --


-- khs

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I'd love to get Realms Unraveled as well. ^_^

I'm not asking this for Christmas, though. :D I'll just wait for more updates from Playdek! :) What about Nightfall, Tanto Cuore and so on? Are you planning on their expansions-design, these days? I just can't wait for them! ;)

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