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Oh right, I should check my e-mail more often...

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Loyal here, a bit late to the party because my notification got buried somewhere in my e-mail. Whoops!


I'm glad to see that you guys are inching ever closer to completion on this game and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in a playable state!


I'm just an American gamer who likes to dabble in art and game design. I'd like to make my own video games someday but I know I'm still a long ways off. Currently I'm sinking my teeth into Civ: Beyond Earth, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros 4, and Dynasty Warriors 8. All very fun games, but Civ:BE seems pretty unfinished ... though that's to be expected of a new Civ release.

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Glad to meet you Loyal!


Is Beyond Earth as amazing as I hope it is going to be? I want to get it, but I'm trying to play through Borderlands Prequel right now. And Hyrule is a pretty fun game, I know I had a lot of fun!


Hope you enjoy your time on these forums, and hope to see you around!

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