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how many Mystics, how many Heavy Infantry...?

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hey, again --


okay, so i'm slowly but surely getting infinitesimally better at Ascension...  mostly, this manifests itself as losing with more style & pizazz, but, hey, it's something, right...?


so, i think i may have identified one of my [potentially many] problems...


i forget where i read it, it was before these forums sprang into existence, but one of the tips i read somewhere, for good or for ill, stuck in my head...  the general gist of it was that you pretty much wanted to have somewhere in the order of 10-12 Mystics & Heavy Infantry [combined, total] in your deck, the ratio of which you'd determine in response to the vagaries of the Center Row...


after about 250 games online & maybe another 200 or so against the AI, something about this suggestion seems not to ring true...


i was recently reading something else that said a pair or three of each is the sweet spot...  this, also, doesn't seem to jibe with my experiences...  how am i supposed to be in position for Master Dhartha or Kythis, following this method...?!


i'm having a hard time pinning this issue down, because there are games where i just haven't got enough of either, i find myself with 9 Mystics & 11 Heavy Infantry, and i try to buy my way to a sweeter ratio -- this is obviously not the correct approach, as it almost never works out for me...


so, keeping it as general as possible, how many Mystics & how many Heavy Infantry do you more experienced & better players tend to go for...?


as always, thanks in advance for your inputs...  they're appreciated...


peace --


-- khs

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There is no perfect amount of either since it all depends on what strategy you're going for with what sets are put in the deck and what cards show up in the center for the first 3 or 4 rounds.  That's what I've learned after playing Ascension for 3 years.

Some tips I think work:

- Learning which cards work best together.  This is the core and best strategy.  Lifebounds and Mechana usually work well together in abundance while Enlightened and Void cards are more like support cards for thining or cycling your deck.  Still, it depends on the sets put into play.

- Knowing when to go for the honor in the pool (from monsters and Lifebound) or from bought cards (Mechana constructs and low cost to honour ratio cards).

- Learn your opponent's strategy by paying attention to the cards he/she is going for and play against it.  If you're both going for the same factions, it's going to be a race for the same cards.  If your opponent is snatching the cards you want, you'll want to switch it up.

- Hope you're first!  When you're first, you usually have the advantage of picking the best card in the first flop of the center row.

- If you're last, feel you're ahead and you can drain the pool, do it.  If you feel behind, go for honor from cards to get at least one last turn if your opponent drains the pool on their turn.

It's difficult to give specific advice since the game is always changing and some specific tips will not work in some situations.

Edit: Oh yeah, and luck.  Apparently, a 60% win ratio is very good.

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