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BUG: Flytrap Staff acquired via Portal acquired via Dhartha, the Eternal

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After having played Dhartha, the Eternal previously in my turn, I played Guide of Lost Souls, banishing a Militia from my hand and replacing it with a Mystic. The Multi-Unite ability of Dhartha then triggered, drawing a 4-Rune Portal from the deck from which a Flytrap Staff was summoned. When I acquired the Flytrap Staff in this manner, I did not receive my 8th champion point as Nairi. Shouldn't I have received that 8th champion point?

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Good evening,


Have you submitted your concern to Support@playdek.com?  If not, please do so.


When reporting an issue, it is very helpful if you tell us which platform you are playing on, installed operating system, and type of video card (if you know).


For online games, please tell us the game # that is displayed in the application so we can look it up in our database. It will also be helpful to know your Playdek username and the exact steps that you are taking to produce the bug.


Thank you very much.

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