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Bug with Star War

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Found a bug related to the Star War  card.


Offline game played on Widows 7

Twilight Struggle v1.0.3.3

US player against AI


Turn 9. There was a resuffle at the beginning of the turn. USSR played Star War at AR 7. I, as the US player, was offerd to recover a card from the discard pile, but it appeared empty, despite that we had both played several non-opponent cards for ops. No way to continue the game; no way to scoll left or right in the discard; no possibility to select a "Done" or "Pass"option. Clicking on the turn counter, I had a pop-up saying that 59 cards were on the deck, 8 cards were in the discard, 37 cards were removed. We had both 2 cards left in hand, and one card, Star War, was still in play, so correct total of 109. I had to kill the game with task manager.


I zipped a copy of the save files and attached them to bug report sent to support@playdeckgames.com.


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