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I would love to have a little information in the email notifications

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There are times when I receive an email notification that it is my turn, but I cannot login to see the new state of the board (like when I'm at work, for instance). I'd love to have a short text summary of my opponent's AR in the email, like in the log tabs across the bottom of the screen. It would make the wait until I can respond that much more bearable, and give me something to think about in the interim.


I appreciate that this would only be of use to people playing asynchronously, who also tend to hold a mental map of ongoing games in their head, but I have a feeling that's not an insignificant portion of your player base. I hope that this would be an easy thing to implement, and can be rolled into the next patch (which cannot come too soon - tracking card use in Vassal as a companion app is a hassle).



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