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BUG: Text Chat on Ipad Unuseable

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The online in-game text chat on the Ipad is nearly unuseable.  More than 95% of the time, typing on the Ipad in-game keyboard results in severe lag - something like 2-6 seconds per keystroke.

That is, I can type a bunch of characters - but it will go through slowly, responding one character at a time, at a rate of 2-6 seconds per character.  (A solid minute to write a simple one-liner).

The UI noticeably lags during this as well - for instance, the timer in the upper left is no longer smooth (jumping 2-6 seconds at a time).

Finally, the IPad app often crashes during typing, so I have to reload the program.  This doesn't seem to fix the behavior - typing in the game once again results in lag and often crashes yet again.

This behavior is pretty consistent and constant.
Rebooting the program doesn't help.  Closing any other open Apps at the time also does not help.  This bug is present in the latest build, 1.0.4(60).

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