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BUG: Bugged Online Game - His Turn or My Turn? Stuck in Limbo, Forced to Forfeit

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This is a severe game-breaking bug.  My client believed it was my opponent's turn, while my opponent's client believed it was my turn.  Nevertheless, both clients had my clock ticking down.  Unable to do anything, I ended up losing on time after having to sit there and watch helplessly for 15 minutes.

Game: 56396
My client:  Ipad Build 1.0.4(60)

Situation:  I was in the Quagmire, my opponent was suffering from Cuban Missile Crisis.  I put a card into the Quagmire and was still stuck.  Based on text-chat, I believe my opponent removed influence from Cuba  to relieve Cuban Missile Crisis and then played a card to place influence in Cuba and Venezuela.  He then believed it was my turn, to put another card into Quagmire.

However, I received no indication that my opponent had done anything.  The game log panel at the bottom showed an empty slot for USSR Turn7 AR2, indicating that my client was waiting for him to make a move.  Also, the text at the top of the screen said "Waiting for opponent to decide..."

However, my clock was still ticking down.  (It was initially ticking down on his side, after my Quagmire discard - I presume that at some point, the clock switched to my side, after he made his move on his side).  I don't understand how my clock can be ticking down while at the same time the text says "Waiting for opponent to decide..." - this should never be allowed to happen.

Throughout the game, I lost connections to the server multiple times.  I believe Playdek was having some server issues (my internet connectivity at home was fine, and my girlfriend was unable to log in to the TS server at all from her computer in the meantime, indicating the problem was on Playdek's end).  Perhaps the IPad client received the message that my opponent's turn was over - without receiving the content of what he did in the turn?

The clock ticked down, with my being unable to do anything.  I rebooted the app twice in the meantime, to no effect.  Eventually I lost.

You can imagine my frustration at losing the game and an hour of my time for nothing.

There should never be a situation where my client thinks it's both my opponent's turn ("Waiting for opponent to decide...") and also my turn (my own clock ticking down).  The game should periodically check to see if both clients are synchronized, and this check should also be done every time the game is reloaded (due to a reboot or loss in connectivity).

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