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Bear Trap + HILTSW + Missile Envy possible bug in game #64292

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Not sure exactly what factors contributed to the bug, so I'll just describe what happened in full.


Turn 6

US AR4: Bear Trap for event

USSR AR5: Africa Scoring

US AR5/6/7: Cards for OPs and ME scoring

USSR AR6/7: Passing (holding only OAS)


Turn 7

US Headline: Missile Envy - USSR hands over Muslim Revolution, used for realigns



Bug: USSR was presented with the Bear Trap interface to drag and drop a card, but had not yet been given a chance to set DEFCON by using HILTSW.


ad hoc solution: USSR player left the game, and upon rejoining was apparently able to correctly set DEFCON then discard Missile Envy.


I should note that I cannot verify this bug, and I'm only able to report what the USSR player claimed was happening. The game is currently ongoing.

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