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BUG: iPad notifications for other players' games

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I'm receiving notifications on my iPad that it's my turn, in games that I am not involved in.


-I own Twilight Struggle for the iPad.

-My girlfriend owns Twilight Struggle for the PC (Steam).


My girlfriend used my iPad to log in to her Playdek TS account and play a few games.  Ever since then, I receive a notification on my iPad whenever it's her turn in a game she's playing.


Note that I have since logged in to my account from my iPad many times (and she has not re-logged in from my iPad), but I am still receiving her notifications.  There does not seem to be a "Logout" function (but again, I've already logged in on top of her).

I've also closed and rebooted the app, and rebooted the iPad itself.  I am still receiving notifications for any game she is in, when it's her turn and she's not actively in the game on her PC.


This seems like a major bug.  I shouldn't receive notifications for an account just because that account, at one point in the past, logged in using my iPad.  I should only receive notifications for games involving the player who has most recently logged in (i.e., me).

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