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Games like this are why I play Ascension

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Took a shot at streaming Ascension on Twitch (http://www.twitch.tv/0menraven/profile/past_broadcasts) for about 3 hours this afternoon. The last game of my stream was EXACTLY the reason I play Ascension, and I'm glad I was able to capture it, and my sentiments, on camera. 

For those wondering: here ya go -- http://www.twitch.tv/0menraven/b/598799192t=2h44m18s

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hey there --


i watched your two posted videos, not bad at all...  hopefully you'll keep it up...  followed your channel, as well [i'm Scribner67 on Twitch]...  that was a sweet 37-Honor turn, congrats...


i know there are other people in the forum who must watch a little Twitch:  help out the cause, will you...?  follow his channel, watch his streams...  viewers beget viewers, viewership begets interest and growth, interest and growth beget Playdek taking notice, maybe tossing an incentive out once in a while, next thing you know everybody is playing Ascension, war disappears, hunger goes away, poverty & homelessness & unemployment fade into the distant past...  you know what i'm talkin' about...  SolForge has gotten an huge amount of mileage out of Twitch, and Ascension is just flat out a better game [and infinitely better with regard to the quality of the game client, too, by the way], but it's all about active community, so...


keep up the good work, OmenRaven...


peace --


-- khs

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