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Multiplayer: Please amend the "Chess Clock" to allow for sleeping hours

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In Multiplayer iOS Agricola, it's hard to find the happy medium between playing all the time and playing asynchronously over a long period.


One of the most aggravating things I've found over the past few days is that I keep having to eat the hours when I'm asleep.  Maybe I just go to bed before other people, but I feel like I'm being set up to forfeit.  In one game, I started with 24 hours, and because I ended up being the first to sleep for two nights in a row, I'm down to 4.  My opponents have 18 and 9.


Hypothetically, one opponent could just wait until the middle of the night, do their turn, then pass play to me for the rest of the night.  And ouila, I've automatically lost without any opportunity to make a change.


My suggestion:

Let us designate a period (either 6 or possibly 8 hours) each day that would be personal "free" hours.  During a person's "free" hours, the chess clock doesn't run down for them.  This would be an individual setting that would be locked-in per game (so that you couldn't change it mid-game).  That way, it won't feel so risky just to go to sleep.


Accordingly, the actual "chess" clock time could be reduced to something like a 16-hour game.


And no, setting the game timer to 7 days or more does /not/ already solve this issue.  If I'm consistently the first one to sleep, then I'm still consistently the one taking the hit on the timer when bedtime rolls around.

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That is always very frustrating when it happens nopunin10did, so I really like this suggestion. And yes, I understand that the longer times do not help when you are consistently first. I will be sure to share this with the rest of the team for discussion. Thanks for sharing!

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