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Cognition Courier - am interpreting wrong?

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The Energize text on the card says "You pay 1 rune less the next time you acquire a construct this turn for each energy you have gained this turn."


Shouldn't that mean that after I play the card, if I gain energy, the cost of a construct should go down? That is not happening,and I'm wondering if someone could answer if I'm mistaken about it.

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I puzzled over this for a while when I first started playing RoV.  I've never seen an official ruling, but I believe the game is behaving appropriately.  The cards are generally very clear when distinguishing between things that have already happened and may happen.  (Dandilion Witch, for example).  With Cognition Courier, the "energy you have gained this turn" is parsed when the card is played, not when the effect is used.  It makes no statements about energy you may gain after playing the card.

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