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Multiplayer questions

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I just bought LoW and totally love it! My son also loves the game and we spent this weekend playing together.


My questions/suggestions with regard to multiplayer:


1) Is it possible to play over wifi/LAN/our own network, without having to connect with Playdek network?


2) is there any way to include AI to our multiplayer session (me, my son and 3 AIs?)


3) the hotseat game needs better UI to inform Player 2 the previous players' moves since the device was held by Player 1.


To make myself clear: for Player 2, everything happened then the device goes to Player 1, and then Player 2 has to make his move after Player 1's turn. This put Player 2 to some disadvantage, he has to memorize all players' movement.


Maybe it would be better if right after Player 2's end turn, the device goes to Player 1 (playing all players' movement then waiting for Player 1's response) and then goes to Player 2 (playing all players' movement then waiting for Player 2's response)?


4) Could you put Player 1 or Player 2 avatar and name when informing their turn, instead of a Masked Lord card and its faction?


Thank you and I hope LoW will get future expansion!

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