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Multiplayer: Handling Forfeit Opponents

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Is there any way to make the online multiplayer implementation of this game use the AI for players who have forfeited due to time?


To my knowledge, just playing nothing, which is what a forfeited opponent will do after dropping, isn't a legal move.


It kinda screws up the balance of the game.  Someone who's in the right place at the right time when someone drops can take advantage of a board that provides either too many resources or too many other options.


My specs would be this:


  1. If you're the only Human player left when all others have forfeited, you still win automatically.
  2. If you forfeit (voluntarily or by time), your rank score will still reflect having lost to the remaining human players.
  3. If you forfeit, an AI takes over your game.  I'm thinking the "amateur" AI would be sufficient, though that could even be randomly picked.
  4. Humans that lose to an AI receive no change to their rank score (for that player).  Humans that win to an AI still receive rank score based on the original human player's rank (like it is today).
  5. In a game that ends with multiple humans and AI players, at the end, the highest Human score will still get a "win" in their win/loss record, regardless of other changes.


Basically, I don't want the introduction of AI opponents in online multiplayer to screw up rankings and statistics, but it would be nice to have valid moves being played on the forfeited player's behalf.  A two-player game on a 5-player board introduces some real problems.

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These are some really great ideas nopunin10did! I will be sure to share this because it makes sense to see some of these implemented into the game. Thanks!

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Bang! the card game uses this very mechanic when online players drop out. Now, the AI in that game is more streamlined and becomes a worthy opponent, unlike the Agricola AI.

I've had the Agricola AI be a pretty worthy opponent pretty often.  The weird thing is that if I play multiple "Master" opponents, at least 1-2 of them will completely screw themselves up early on and play poorly the rest of the game.  There's usually at least one that makes me work for the win, though.

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