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Build Notes v1.1.0.1

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- Added Android support

- Added Turn Zero expansion

- Added Promo Pack 1 & 2

- Added Alternate Space Race Track

- Added Collector's Edition Card Art

- Added Kickstarter exclusive avatar


- Added End of Game Commit Button Warning (with clear display for who will win game)


- Fixed Wargames in the Late War scenario (US cannot win through Wargames, USSR only wins if ahead on VP)

- Adjusted Wargames to give loss to player who played Wargames when VP ends at 0

- Fixed display of modifiers in the Realignment Popup (Iran-Contra Scandal)

- Fixed Shuttle Diplomacy when a region is scored (popup display bug only)

- Fixed broken achievements (Rocket Man, The Race is On)

- Fixed tooltips on several popups (country names, magnifying affecting cards)


- Added VP display and improved marker animations to End Turn Announcement, Scoring Popup, and War Popup

- Improved layout for Space Race Track Display popup


- Lots of minor interface adjustments (both ingame and front end)


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