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Bug - Nested triggers Grain Sales -> Missile Envy (Game #167574)

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US played Grain Sales to Soviets, pulling Missile Envy from the Soviets hand, which US then used as event.  This pulled Flower Power from Soviet hand.  Soviets *should* have been forced to use 2 ops from Missile Envy next AR, but as Soviet player, I was not able to do so. 


In fact, I was not able to play any of my remaining 3 cards, no options for playing events, placing influence, etc.  Game is stuck on Soviet player unable to advance the game state.

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Found the bug and fixed it.  Missile Envy won't show up anywhere for you.


If you want to tell me the play you'd like to make with 2 ops from Missile Envy, I can enter the move for you and then you'll be able to continue the game from there.


Or you can wait for the next update, but that won't be until at least late next week.

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