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Banned cards request

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Hi team,


I know this can be a somewhat controversial subject, but I would like to suggest an option to ban certain cards in the deal.  Of course cards introduce luck into Agricola, and that's great - we all like that.  But the consensus of the play-agricola.com membership (the website where the officially published G and WM decks have been designed) is that certain cards hugely reduce the fun for other players and the game is altogether better without them. The list of banned cards is not "official" in the sense of being approved by anyone other than play-agricola.com players, but it is still at least somewhat "agreed upon".  The list of cards is-


E occ, Ratcatcher: Annoying
I minor, Wooden Hut Extension: Very strong and Annoying
I occ, Taster: Too strong and Annoying
K minor, Reedhut: Too Strong
K occ, Lover: Too strong
K occ, Wetnurse: Too strong
While Reed Hut, Lover, and Wet Nurse may not make a huge difference when family growth comes out rd 5, they are devastating in a 4p game where family growth does not come out until rd 7.  I wouldn't say these cards are exactly free wins (there's probably no such thing), but the vast majority of players on play-agricola.com, given the option to ban these cards, choose to do so.
I know it would be quite complicated to allow the game creator to strike individual cards at their whim (and for the other players joining the game to see which have been struck), but a check box when decks are being chosen such as "-6" to ban 6 cards would be greatly appreciated by me and probably many other players.  I would certainly play on the ios platform much more regularly.
User account grocklin

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Hello grocklin,


Thanks for the suggestion. I do know that a few other people have also requested that there be an option to not allow certain cards into play, however unfortunately I don’t think this will be something we will be able to do at this time since there isn't an “official banned card list” and I do know that the designers wants to keep the game as it was designed. But it is still worth a shot to bring up and you can bet that I will report this suggestion so that people can see that it is still being requested. No harm in that. ;)


However since these cards can be problematic, perhaps we can find a player or two on these forums who has built up a strategy against these cards and can share with us some secrets on playing against players who pick these up early on. I am sure there are players out there like this, so perhaps when they make their way over to the forums they can help you and me out with this. 

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