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Finaly Playdek have a forum :)

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First of all hello to everybody!


I'm a french canadian, so don't be mad if my english isn't perfect! I'm really happy to see a community of playdek after all those years. I was introduced to playdek with their collaboration with PlaidHatGames, the creator of summoner wars. Then I realize that Playdek is a great conceptor for mobile games and I become a player of ascension, agricola, lords of waterdeep, and probably many others...


I hope this forum wil join all the players of the online community and be able to generates tactics, tournaments and all other stuffs! :) thanks playdek to make this possible and don't forget to inform us on the future release! Ahah! Keep on the good works!

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Hello Sildanefil! Welcome to the forums!


I am glad to see that you enjoy so many of our games, perhaps we can have you help out with posting some tips and tricks for your favorite games.


We will definitely keep everyone informed on the upcoming releases, and I think you should keep an eye on the forums as we will be announcing the mBer beta testing and it would be great to have some seasoned Summoner Wars players in there to help out. ;)


It's great meeting you and I hope to see you around some more.

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Nice to meet you, Sildanefil! It's good to have such a Summoner Wars guru around! :3


I hope we could get along well and yes, I totally agree : tournaments & co would really be sonething. We'll just have to wait a little. :)

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