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Known Issues

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Android users are not able to invite friends to play a 3 or 4-player game.

Android users are experiencing an issue where they are only able to invite one other player to play a three or four player game. A work around for this is if you are playing with someone who is on an iOS device, have them create the game and invite everyone to the game. The other workaround is to make sure everyone is online at the same time, create the four-player game, invite one friend, and then give the details of your game to the other two friends so they can find your game and join. I’m sorry that this isn’t the easiest workaround, but we are looking into this for the future. Fixed 10/16


Android users are seeing blank white cards when playing with the Rise of Vigil expansion

This is currently being worked on and we will have an update available soon that will fix this. In the meantime players who are affected by this issue should not play with this expansion for the time being. Fixed 10/16


The game does not recognize purchases made through the Google Play Store

If you have multiple Google accounts on your device you will want to make sure that the Google account you made your purchases with is the same account you download Ascension with. This should help the game look at this account whenever you log in to play.

The keyboard disappears when trying to log on to your Playdek Account on some Android Devices

We have received a handful of notices from players about their keyboard disappearing when they try to log onto their account. If you are using the Google Default Keyboard, please try switching to a different keyboard as this has worked for some of our players. We are continuing to look into this for everyone, however please try this workaround to see if it helps you.

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