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Latest update: Placing pieces on iPhone

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Platform: iPhone 5S

OS: 8.4.1


With the recent update now installed, dragging my family members to their designated places on the board has become much more difficult.


The area of the screen that's considered the sides is apparently much wider, so the app thinks I'm scrolling down just as I start to drag the piece out of the corner.


There's now very little part of the screen that won't cause the whole board to move.  It takes a ton of work to aim the targeted spot exactly in the center of the screen to drop the piece onto it.


Please fix this.

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I emailed Playdek yesterday (Sept 23) and recieved this:


We're aware of the problem with map scrolling on iPhone devices.  We're working to correct this ASAP and hope to have a fix submitted to Apple before the end of today.

Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve the issue,

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