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Twilight Struggle Kickstarter Backer Access

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Kickstarter: Darthcaboose


Username should be the same.


Also, are the servers down right now for anyone else? Having issues logging in...


I also am not able to connect.



Yes, the servers are down and will be while we update the game, so right now no one is able to connect.





I posted my info on Oct 7, and got no notification of access granted.  Is this normal?


My forum user name is blazej  :)


Kickstarter: Michal Blazejczyk





If you post in ths thread, I usually make a comment after I have gone through and flagged people. I do not send individual messages to everyone otherwise my inbox would be full all the time and I would not be able to receive messages from other backers.  :wacko:





And everyone is flagged, thanks!

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