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Twilight Struggle Kickstarter Backer Access

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Kickstarter name: Stephen Costa

I just created an account here as 'stephencosta,' is that a Playdek account or just a forum account?


I'd rather not provide my email publicly, is there any way we can work around that?


For some reason I seem to have missed out on the info that gets me in to the beta... or a Playdek account, for that matter. Not sure if I didn't get an email or if I missed something or what. Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. :) 

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Why haven't I received any key or invitation yet?


Here are my details again:


Kickstarter e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com

Kickstarter name: Maarten Ronteltap


Playdek e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com

Playdek name: EmperorAtahualpa


Steam account name: MaartenRonteltap

Steam e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com


I don't know what else you could possibly need...and Shyla you're not replying to my private message either.

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