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Will you please please add a rating filter to creating a new game?

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Current system just doesn't work. Just yesterday I went online, created a game, and a 1100 rated player joined. Will all due respect - no.

I created another game and the same player joined that as well.

I created another game and a 1500 rated player joined.

How on earth can I find a suitably strong opponent, if for most of the time the seats in my games are taken by players I don't want to play against??

Yes, I know about the "Quick Filter", but AFAIK it can't be cancelled, it just has a validity period. So, if I start that, I am effectively prevented from looking for an opponent on the list of created games, since if I join another game, somebody might join the game I created, automatically starting it. And then suddenly I have 2 games running simultaneously, which really doesn't work with timer set to 45 minutes per game.

I realize that fixing the long list of bugs takes some time, which you are not willing to spend, but the rating filter is already implemented and just needs to be applied!

On behalf of many frustrated players with that problem, would you please spend 1 man-day and implement a simple feature that should have been there from the start?

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