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UN Intervention weirdness

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OK, so we know that the app is bugged in that it allows UN Intervention to be played in the headline when it is drawn by Grain Sales to Soviets.


Is there a similar problem when Missile Envy draws UN Intervention? (this is really hard to test!)


What really prompted this post though, is the ruling from the FAQ that I just uncovered:


Q. Can a player use UN intervention on a card received through Grain Sales?

A. Yes. It works like this: 1. Play grain sales 2. Take the opponent’s card into your hand. 3. play it (with or without UN INTERVENTION) or 3. Return it


I never knew that UN Intervention could be used in this way. I'm quite surprised by the FAQ.


Anyway, can anyone confirm that the app does not allow this use of UN Intervention outside of the headline? I'm kind of assuming it doesn't, but I want to be sure before adding it to the list of known bugs.

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Confirmed to work correctly, game gives you the option to play UN Intervention for the event after the reveal of a USSR card.

Still curious about Missile Envy > UN Intervention in the headline.

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Missile Envy into UN Intervention just seems so vanishingly unlikely to happen. I've had some bad hands, but all 1s and scoring cards would be completely brutal! That said, perhaps it has happened given the massive number of games now played since this implementation was crated. Unfortunately Playdek don't seem very active here any more to be able to confirm one way or another whether this has ever happened in this version of the game.

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