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Remodeling Card

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I have enjoyed playing Agricola on my iPad for many hours and have bought all of the extra decks for sale.  Last night, I tried to use the Remodeling card for the first time and I could not "remove a stable" so that I could change it into an extra wooden room. I had the 1 wood and 1 reed needed to play the Remodeling card and it was highlighted so that I could "use" it but when it said to "remove a stable" all I could do was put a finger on the stable and it wouldn't do anything. I tried dragging it off the board but that did not work.  I probably was doing something wrong but I am not sure what to try next. 


Can someone tell me how to "remove the stable" in that scenario so that I could replace it with the extra wooden room?


Thank you!

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I can confirm that in certain situations this is bugged. I currently have one game where dragging the stable to the lower left corner did allow remodeling, in a second game, I am unable to remove the stable no matter where I drag it to.


I believe it has to do with placing the stable at the position above your starting 2 rooms. I have not had this issue with other stable placements but have encountered the stable issue twice when it is in the position above the starting 2 rooms.

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