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Android Notifications Broken

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The system notifications on Android started working after the app updated.  However, within a few days, they stopped working.  I still receive the emails (which wasn't happening before the update), but the system notifications simply stopped working.  I have been playing with a friend, also on Android, and he isn't receiving system notifications either.



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Me again, three weeks later...


I usually run Android Oreo, but a broken phone forced me to switch to an older phone running Marshmallow and the notifications work fine on Marshmallow.  The notifications are still broken on Oreo, as I have confirmed with other friends.

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To the developers: this is broken because your Android app is targeting Oreo but does not support notification channels, so all notifications are getting suppressed on that platform level.  You have two options to fix this:


- Target a lower platform level (this won't stop your app from working on Oreo unless you set a maxSdk)

- Add notification channels and keep the app targeting O: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/notifiers/notifications.html#ManageChannels


As it is, it's a pretty bad situation right now.  Moreover, you also need to ask for the required permissions when the app starts instead of expecting people to add them in the settings.  There may not be a lot of people using Oreo right now, but the problem will only get worse with time and it'll hurt your app's ratings/purchases.


- Friendly Android dev :-)

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