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iPhone version ?

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Hi, I've seen people asking this here and there without ever getting an answer.


I've also seen someone on boardgamegeek forums saying the iPhone version was work in progress.

I believe it is someone from Playdek but I could be wrong.


Here's the link actually :



"Closer than previously thought" back in june 2016.


And then Asmodée released this video of TS that clearly fits a phone format rather than some kind of "pad".

I asked them about the iPhone version : no answer. This was like 2 weeks ago I think.


Does anyone know anything ? Thanks in advance :)

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This is from them in Jan 2017(!) via email:


"We're working on the iPhone version now. It plays well on large devices (iPhone 7) but iPhone 5 still needs some work. And we're familiar with the game, so we need to spend some time looking at how a new player might receive this version on a phone. So we don't have an ETA just yet.


We will most likely be looking to do a beta test later this month or early next month."


I emailed them back in June regarding the beta and didn't receive a response.

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