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Replay and help in asynch games.

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Here are two features that to me are very important for competitive players.


1) Better way to know what is in your deck.

I already have a problem with summoner wars having to track every magic pile and discard pile to know what´s left in your deck. But that is on 1 on 1 game. When you are playing 12 games at the same time, something not uncommon for me. i often get lost on what´s left on my deck, specially because i can´t check my opponent magic pile. Maybe there are walls, commons or even champions, that i should know are there, and yet i do not because i don't remember in 12 different games. A similar thing happened in a Bender vs Phoenix elves where i forgot my opponent stole a Burn and i paid for that greatly.


So a good way to solve that would be to a) being able to see what´s left in the deck B) being able to see what opponent magic pile cards we  ¨know¨ as well as hand. c) give a ¨step back option¨ so we can review past turns.


2) Replays would be so good, so hard to talk about game analyse strategy or talk with others without having handy replays.

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These are all some great suggestions Waterd! I know that a few of these features we have discussed due to our Twilight Struggle Kickstarter game, and I am sure that if we can add them to that game we can look into adding all of those features for our other games as well. Thanks for this post, and keep the suggestions coming!

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