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Hi everybody!


Ten months have passed, since I first downloaded Ascension - Chronicles of the Godslayer (but I already knew and played Tanto Cuore by a much longer time), and I just loved it since the beginning. Well, I guess I just love deck-building games, rather! :)


I've downloaded and played (and still actively playing!) EVERY Playdek App Game, and I can say something for sure : Playdek totally rules! I just love their idea of letting us play our favourite games on our mobile devices as well, when friends couldn't be reached or when you don't know whose to play with. Playdek introduced me to a world of games I couldn't even imagine, and they did it in its best way!


Enough talking around, I suppose. Something about me! :)

Name's Nicolò. I'm 22 and I currently am happily engaged with my girlfriend, Valentina (she'll soon register & introduce herself as well). And yes, we both are italian, so just forgive us whenever our english fails! :D

We both love Playdek games and Playdek itself (great games designs, good graphics, high user interactivity, fast and mostly bugless games, fast and cordial support service (I (well, WE, actually)'d like to personally thank Shyla for her support toward us when we needed it about some bugs to be fixed on Ascension - Chronicles of the Godslayer on its Android version! Thank you very much for your support and patience!)... It really makes it the best mobile App games developer around!), and our favourites are Ascension - Chronicles of the Godslayer (we're planning about buying the physical version, too, soon enough), Can't Stop, Tanto Cuore (we have all its expansions so far, awaiting both for the newest one to be printed and for its current expansions on mobile) and Penny Arcade - Gamers VS Evil (we have its physical version, too).


I really hope we could get along and discuss about our favourite games togheter with many other community members! :3

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Welcome to the forums you guys! I am glad to have you here with us and hopefully we will come across one another in a game! ;)


Yup! :) Glad to be part of this Community, too! :lol:

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