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i was hoping you guys might be able to point me toward information about the Ascension AI...

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greetings and salutations --


so, i find myself rather fascinated by the Ascension AI, the way it plays, how it assesses such a complex game and an ever-changing board state...  my interest is purely academic, i'd just like to know more about how a machine can be taught to think and understand and prevail at such a complex endeavor...  it doesn't seem like it could simply be tallying values and making decisions moment-by-moment -- it seems too intuitive for that...


so, without giving up trade secrets, can you guys point me toward educational materials on how this specific AI, or, failing that, how AIs *like* Ascensions do what they do, what they're capable of, what their limitations are, what directions they may be moving in, and such...?


i know very little about the artificial intelligence field in general, but, as a lifelong sci-fi fan, it has always intrigued me, ever since HAL...


thank you in advance...


peace --


-- khs


p.s. - if you answer "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that..."  i'll just be hiding under my bed...  forever...

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Mentioned this on another thread, and can't substantiate it, but from observations I think the AI seems to take the most "efficient" path; that is, it will look for the line that gives it the most honor for Runes/Power spent. This is, typically, why it will buy more Heavies than Mystics (i.e - because heavies give 1* for every 2R spent, and Mystics are 1* for every 3*). I'm not sure how this plays out with energy/RoV Block, but this strategy was very evident in earlier blocks. 

As anecdotal evidence, play CotG/RotF block and watch what happens if an Arbiter of the Precipice is in the opening row. Most Ascension players consider the Arbiter one of the best early buys you can get, but the AI will let it sit in the front row because, by it's logic, 4Runes for 1 honor is a bad investment. 

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