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Build notes for version 1.2.0

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- additional realignment attempts beyond the first one are now optional
- influence can only be placed in countries where the player already had influence in or adjacent to at the start of the round (fixes issue when The Iron Lady is played by USSR player)
- UN Intervention can longer be played when it is drawn with Grain Sales to Soviets during the Headline Phase
- Latin American Debt Crisis will no longer be removed from the game when the event is played
- end of game scoring for the China Card is now applied at the same time as final region scoring

- End of Game scoring now handles Europe Scoring - Allied Berlin properly
- The Cambridge Five will now allow influence to be placed in Europe when Europe Scoring - Allied Berlin is revealed
- Non-Aligned Movement will no longer allow selection of any country when there are no countries that match the requirements
- Victory Points are now awarded correctly for the Alternate Space Race Track

- Discard Pile scroll position will reset when reshuffled into the deck (prevents issues where discard pile appears empty when playing Star Wars or SALT Negotiations)
- Warsaw Pact event icon will now appear on the US player's side
- Reshuffle Events are now recorded in the Game Log
- Starting game conditions (scenario, additional cards, handicap, and starting timers) are now recorded in the SETUP Game Log item

- It is now possible to delete a friend from your friends list even if they haven't logged in with Twilight Struggle
- Game List entries now display Variant Ratings for Variant Games

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