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Build Notes v1.0.2

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We are releasing an update today for all platforms.

You will be required to update your client in order to continue to play online.

Note that rules changes in this build will only be seen in new games started AFTER the client is updated.

  • Updated 4 cards based on a clarification from the designer.  The second half of the event on these cards is only allowed to add tokens from the Token Pool, not from the Crisis Track.
    • Fugitive Slave Law
    • Social Elites
    • Russell of the Times
    • Seizing Federal Armories
  • Improved filter options for finding online games
  • Improved handling of completed games
  • Fixed animation for Peace Commissioner
  • Fixed card sizes when animating to/from draw and discard piles
  • Fixed several issues with game log during online games
  • Added several events to game log
  • Adjusted how AI evaluates placement of peace commissioner
  • Updated AI evaluation based on training results


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