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How-to-start : some veterans-from advices?

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Hi there everyone! :lol:

Assume I just started playing, even though I hit the game randomly three or four times already in the past, both on physical cards and Playdek's iOS version. :unsure:


As the game is right now, I find a very hard choice for me to choose a Faction which starts from, since they all have their strategies and Lores. Furthermore, no matter which deck I use, Playdek's CPU always beats me (please, make us choose between difficulties! Update this great game with this feature, at least! :(). I then decided to start playing as Benders, for now, and learn about their synergy and gameplay.


But! First things come first : I'll first need to know some general tips for the game, regardless of which Faction I'm using. For example, when summoning Common Heroes is better than summoning a Champion, where to place Walls, and so on. Yes, assume I'm totally ignorant about strategies. :P :blush:


Secondly, I'm finding myself wanting to edit Benders' deck, but I don't know what's better to use and how many cards to use, either. I'd really like some references and advices! Just in case you forgot the basic set for Beders' deck, here it is :




Basic starting cards :


Tacullu [summoner]

Deceiver x2

Controller x2


Other cards - Events :


A Hero Is Born

Magic Drain x2

Mimic x3

Mind Control x3


Other cards - Basic Units :




Other cards - Basic Champions :






Other cards - Reinforcements Units :



Mind Witch


Other cards - Reinforcements Champions :






Thanks in advance! :D

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