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Greetings small-share-of-the-internet!

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Hello, Playdek forum! My internet name is NeutralGround and I'm so hype about this game (Unsung Story) that I can't actually express it in words that would do it justice. Final Fantasy Tactics is, in my opinion, one of the greatest games of all time (if a bit dated) and so any continuation of its design philosophy and/or aesthetic is already high on my list of "definitely trying that". A list, I may add, that is all too sparsely populated these days.

I'm a 24-year-old, loud, obnoxious American, with loud, obnoxious (though hopefully well reasoned) opinions but I'm also a career lurker who has rarely tried to be an active member of any forum community so hopefully those two things sort of balance each other out. I'm not a game developer though I'd like to be, and I'm not a writer, though I pretend to be. I'm basically just a guy with no marketable skills who likes dissecting the design of anything be they narrative, gameplay, or art assets. I'm looking forward to sneaking off to the "Design Consultant" forum as soon as its available! I also intend to put that on my resume, so expect reference phone calls, playdek.

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Hello NeutralGround and welcome to the forums! You sound like you are going to be a lot of fun to have on the forums.


Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully we will be able to help you break out of your lurking corner and join us from time to time. ;)

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