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  1. Yes, that was the problem The game should clearly state the opponent has forfeited tho.
  2. Hi, I have recently started playing online, and encountered the same issue in different games: at some point in a game, I tap "end turn", draw 5 cards, and get to play another turn, without any intervention from my opponent. I can then play any number of turns until the honor pool is depleted, without any play by the opponent. Strange. Concurrently, I am also stuck in the game, i.e the clock keeps turning and the "next game" icon does appear. To leave the game, one must either: - deplete the honor pool, thus ending the game. - return to lobby NB I was probably ahead in all the games this occured in. So I suspect my opponents had forfeited, and the game kept playing. This is just a guess, which might be totally wrong. Kudos!
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