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  1. Missile Envy into UN Intervention just seems so vanishingly unlikely to happen. I've had some bad hands, but all 1s and scoring cards would be completely brutal! That said, perhaps it has happened given the massive number of games now played since this implementation was crated. Unfortunately Playdek don't seem very active here any more to be able to confirm one way or another whether this has ever happened in this version of the game.
  2. Is there an expected release date yet for the Linux version promised during the Kickstarter? I understand the game is programmed with cross-platform tools so given the number of existing other clients you'd assume Linux would be a relatively simple addition, but I can appreciate there may be technical details I'm not aware of. (I'm very happy with Android version and given it exists its possible to work around the gap, but native Linux support in Steam would be better.)
  3. When will draws/ties be correctly recorded as such? In my game tonight I had an irreparable position vs USA (turn 9, could end the turn by either giving him 11VP through a Scoring card and losing in end-of-turn-10 scoring, or playing Wargames for the event to end the game at 0 - I waited a long time to try and get to 7VP up to win, but it got to my last AR and I had to make a decision), and had to give up ranking points for no reason.
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