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  1. You did not have a legal target to coup. USSR have to have influence in Africa, Central or south america for USA to coup at DEFCON 2. This is one reason to play Fidel early on, so USSR cannot easily dump CIA like he did.
  2. Ok, just got this situation happen to against me again in my latest online game. Gary is right, VP is shown but not awarded. I had 19VP and US played "One Small Step..." event and VP stayed at 19 despite showing US was gaining 1 VP during the event resolution.
  3. I have cancelled and redone the event to make sure I was not imaginating things. What I recall is that the VP was awarded.
  4. Not easy to reproduce as I need to get the "One Small Step..." card while the opponent is ahead of me in the Space Race. However, I am positive. I did get the VP while moving from the Space Race Start space to Animal in Space using the "One Small Step..." event. I cannot say if the bug is applicable to other VP spots (Lunar Orbit and Space Shuttle) but I suspect it is.
  5. Found a new one: Playing "One Small Step..." event while your superpower have not moved in the Space Race yet grants you 1VP. It should only move your progress up to Animal in Space without any VP gain.
  6. Just felt like I should point out the Scoring cards cue. There is also a post on this forum made by the devs saying they will add a tab listing cards still in play: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1229-feature-request-automatically-updating-card-list-mainly-for-asynchronous-play/ But I am with you, I could use a notepad as well.
  7. You have a visual cue for the next scoring cards that are due. Crossair symbol beneath a region name means the scoring car is in the discard.
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/559431060/twilight-struggle-digital-edition/posts/1624509
  9. Playdeck is purposely avoiding draws even when it should be so according to the official rules. USA win all ties (remember that when playing Wargames!). I suspect they do this to make tournement plays easier to manage.
  10. The issue have been reported on BGG forum. I have not tried it but apparently, AI will systematically lose by holding score cards.
  11. Happened to me. Late War, I was playing the USSR. Egypt was 0/2 and USA played Camp David Accords to make it 1/2. I responded with Nasser and Egypt then went to 0/6. Online game #50770.
  12. There was most likely no legal places for you to coup/realign.
  13. Just got back online. I apparently won because my opponent ran out of time. What a way to win...
  14. Happened again. I have tried to resume the game from my MS Surface, same error. Playing on Windows 10 (PC and tablet), Internet connection works for everything else. I either get an application crash or "Unable to connect to the server" error when I try to go online. Resarting the app or Windows does not work.
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