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  1. This has once again become a problem for me I received a carrier update and now I am no longer able to connect to Ascension, Agricola, or other Playdek games. I know of other T-Mobile customers who can connect without issue, and other T-mobile customers who have this issue. I have a question for gweis and/or any other PlayDek staff... Why do PlayDek games use ports 9000-9199? Is it possible to have your gameservers *also* listen on port 443 or 80 to virtually guarantee that all of your paying customers can reach your servers?
  2. Ryanrk, Call your carrier and ask them to unblock ports 9000-9199. It'll take 1-2 days but it'll resolve your issue.
  3. Updating the topic here for future users plagued by this issue. PlayDek support helped me identify the root cause of the inability to play on T-Mobile phones: T-Mobile was blocking ports 9000-9199 which are used by various PlayDek games. After calling T-Mobile and requesting the ports being unblocked, my phone received a "Carrier Update" notification. Once I installed the update, the ports were unblocked and I was once again able to play PlayDek games. Thanks to PlayDek for helping resolve this issue. --TE
  4. I've sent the email to your support team and am looking forward to helping Playdek resolve this issue. I love your games and I need my fix! --TE
  5. Hi Playdek, I've just moved from Canada to the United States and got a new SIM card on T-Mobile. I have an iPhone 6. My new SIM card can connect to the Internet fine. I can browse the web, play online games, everything works great.... except for Playdek games. Ascension and Agricola can't connect to the Playdek servers. My friends in Canada confirm that both Ascension and Agricola servers are online and they can connect without issue. I've gone into the Cellular Data settings and confirmed that both Ascension and Agricola have their "Use Cellular Data" settings enabled - these haven't changed. I then swapped back to the Rogers SIM and both Agricola and Ascension work perfectly. When I swap back to the T-Mobile SIM, Agricola and Ascension cannot connect to the server. It's as if T-Mobile is blocking connections to Playdek servers. Has anyone else encountered this problem with T-Mobile or other carriers? --TE
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