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  1. Since the last update I can't join games with the new expansion (I actually bought it). I can play offline games and create, and accept invitations with that expansion, but when I try to join a created game, it appears the "buy" screen with all the expansion marked as "Owned". And after this last update I'm getting lots of "Ascension suffered an error and has to close". Thanks in advance.
  2. I've just switched from a phone with phisical keys to one with virtual buttons and I've realized that Ascension does not support immersive modem and thus, the game screen is reduced and the game has a "black rim". I've used an Xposed module to achieve that in my phone, and it works flawlessly, but I have other non-rooted phone and is kind of ankward playing with the "reduced screen", so I think it would be a great improvement. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, there's a bunch of suggestions. The first one would be to create a ladder and some kind of "World ranking" under several parameters. Such as: "Won games number" "Winning percentage" "Number of played games" Second one wold be to add 15 minutes of game time, as 10 minutes sometimes is small when and 30 minutes is too long. Third one. I often choose a game in the "Find game" section and also create a new one (with the expansions I like, etc). The problem is that when someone accepts my game there is no visual feedback while playing so I constantly have to check the "Game list". If somewhat, the "Next game" function can be extended to accept this games wold be perfect. Also, It would be lovely to have some kind of "random match" that pairs you with a same level person with random expansion sets. And... I think that's all. Oh, yes, one more thing... Congratulations for this amazing game It's as easy to play as the real card game.
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