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  1. It looks like the game does enforce the rule (unless my opponent didn't try it because he knew it wasn't legal). Situation: Entering turn 10, US is at 19 VP. The US hand is a bunch of horrible USSR events and Reagan Bombs Libya. Libya influence is 0:4. USSR headlines ABM Treaty which gives 4 Ops. Had realigning himself out of Libya been a legal move, it would've been his only hope. Good thing he kicked me out of there earlier in the game!
  2. According to the player aid and official FAQ, but not the rulebook (unless I missed it), you can't target a country for realignment unless it contains your opponent's influence. Can anyone verify that the digital version of the game enforces this rule? It may seem like an odd question, but the answer could very well decide the outcome of my current game! (I'll explain after it's done.)
  3. djkuula

    Game Log

    I would LOVE the option of saving the game log. Or at least not having it instantly disappear when the game ends!
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