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  1. What a load of crap. AI used Wargames to make the score ZERO, and then it decides that I've lost??? This is SIGNIFICANTLY more frustrating than a draw. Gweiss @Playdeck I find you extremely arrogant and condescending when you say "If you're trying to convince me that what most board gamers want is to end in a tie after investing 2 hours to a game (or several weeks if played async), I'd say you're wrong. But that irrelevant here. " I've spent MONTHS keeping a perfect score on my profile, only to be defeated by your crappy programming and extremely poor reasoning. I think most board gamers want the rules correctly implemented and if the game is meant to have the strategic consideration of forcing a tie, then you should put it in there. All a tie means after hours of play is you were equally matched/equally well played. Not a problem. Have you ever heard of a little game called Chess?
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