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  1. Come on, Playdek. Are you going to fix this longstanding bug or not? The PA and SotM devs have fixed it for their apps. What's the delay?
  2. I assume this game was made in Unity, since this same bug crept into Pathfinder Adventures and Sentinels of the Multiverse on 32-bit devices, such as the iPad 4. The SotM devs were able to patch the bug in short order, while the PA devs still haven't. Bug: despite the music slider set to max, no music is playing. I'm running Twilight Struggle version 1.1.1(14) on my iPad 4 running iOS 10.3.1. Thanks.
  3. After having played Dhartha, the Eternal previously in my turn, I played Guide of Lost Souls, banishing a Militia from my hand and replacing it with a Mystic. The Multi-Unite ability of Dhartha then triggered, drawing a 4-Rune Portal from the deck from which a Flytrap Staff was summoned. When I acquired the Flytrap Staff in this manner, I did not receive my 8th champion point as Nairi. Shouldn't I have received that 8th champion point?
  4. In my game in which I'm the Mercenaries versus the Shadow Elves, my Apprentice Mage moves adjacent to Selundar during the Move phase. During the Attack phase, the Apprentice Mage's image is highlighted (as well as being outlined in red), meaning I can use his Magic Shot to spend 1 Magic Point to add 1 to its Attack Value. Typically, when choosing to use a Unit's Special Ability, dragging the highlighted image onto the target shows an "S" shield instead of a numeric shield. In this case, a "1" shield displayed as I dragged the Appprentice Mage's image onto Selundar. I figured the app would automatically spend 1 Magic Point and roll two dice. Instead, it spent 1 Magic Point and rolled only one die. I captured a screenshot at the moment the Magic Point was spent and the die rolled. I'll email it to support@playdekgames.com and reference this post. You can see the Magic Point that was spent hovering over my Discard pile and the successful single die roll. I think the fix should be to allow the player to drag the highlighted Apprentice Mage image onto the target and display an "S" shield icon, so the player knows the app intends to use the Unit's Special Ability. EDIT: It was explained to me that one has to drag the left side of the card for a melee attack and the highlighted character for a ranged attack. Knowing that, it makes some sense, but it's not very intuitive, IMO.
  5. The Mercenary champion Mundol references the common Time Mage, but the app doesn't include that card, which is part of the Summoner Wars: Saella's Precision pack. I then wondered if the remaining unique cards from that pack are included in the app. I discovered the champion Urick also isn't included in the app. So of the 15 unique cards in that pack, two aren't included in the app. Is this intentional, or an oversight?
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