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  1. Was trying to get higher number, so i've tried with IH and RU cards. Well, all I got - is infinite loop, and ponentially infinite score. You know, the stuff with Wandering Arcana (additional turn => banished => retrieved => repeat). Some screens: http://imgur.com/In1d0zY http://imgur.com/vIoGQeh http://imgur.com/kDdsEB9 http://imgur.com/POsEMg7 I'm going to continiue this game for some time, (wanna see the hardcoded limit for score .
  2. Recipe for this: 1. Get Dhartha the Eternal, cards that give +1 rune and power for multi-unite, transform Emri the Unmaker, get Remus Pack Guardian. Adayu and Cetra Matron of Stars also helps. Get Oziah's Familiar (but don't play it too early) 2. Be lucky to get a lot of enlightened cards in same time and some of above. 3. Kill\get everything (focus on Terrorizing Fiend and Borderland Nihilist (use them later as enlightened) to clear deck. 4. Now you got void full of monsters. There's where I got those numbers - Sower of Betrayal and Sower of Discontent gives INSANE honor number when you got half of deck already played from your hand, and you can kill it several times (you get draws mainly from Terrorizing Fiend and multi-unit effect from Dhartha). Can't even imagine results, if I had Orb of Nyx, Oras the Redeemer and Jakeb Cobra King added to that.. P.S. Personally, I think Dhartha the Eternal is overpowered.
  3. Greetings! Well, I'm playing this great game for over 2 years, and I really like it. Of course, I've bought the new addon (iOS user), and spent some time on it... Well, now I feel its too unbalanced. I'm not a pro - my best results (over 2 years) offline vs hard AI were around 240, but in "Realms Unraveled".... Well, you can see it for yourself. Played on iPhone, vs hard AI, just with "Realms Unraveled" cards.
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