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Some suggestions

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I only recently started playing SW and so far I like the game very well.  It has a beautiful  strategy-aspect and –because it is a Playdek-game J- it is beautiful to play. I have never plaid it before in real life nor on Vassal.


My biggest problem in learning the game is to learn the effects all the cards card have. As a newcomer (of age) I am overwhelmed by the factions and all their abilities. For me the addition of new factions would be devastating as I have enough to learn right now with the current 10 factions.  But before I got flamed for saying this: I understand perfectly the wish of the rest of the community ;).

I try to read as much as possible in the forums of Plaidhat Ganes but learning by doing is better for me:  Although I cannot play very much cause of family and work.  So I have a slow learning curve.


There are a few things that would help me:

  1. Sometimes attacks and the playing of cards by the opponent, when not stopped by tapping the dice- are that fast that it is impossible to read/notice what is going on. A log would be nice to have.  It also helps when you return to the game to see the last move(s) again

  2. A replay functionality. Replaying my own games (Look at me how awesome I was in that part of the game ! ) or  the replaying of games played by top-Summoners would be very nice. Like there is a .PGN format  in Chess or .SGF in Go.
    It also makes the discussion and reviewing of games online a lot easier.

    As for the new factions:
  3. For newcomers  to the game (and maybe also for others) it would be nice if they can choose if they only want to play against the original factions and/or against new expansions. Don't know how the new factions will be coded into the game.


I suppose a fool can ask more than a 100 wise men can answer (In this case : Playdek can program) but if one doesn’t ask, he shall not be given.


I am looking forward to Mber as it seems to contain many new nice features (chat, rankings, (ELO?), tournaments). I would love to participate in the Mber-testing but IMHO I am not fast enough  in playing, nor in my English as it isn’t my native language.  Besides that:  it is family evening in my time-zone ;)


Thx for the game


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