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Online Twilight Struggle League (OTSL) Signups

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The registration period for the Online Twilight Struggle League (Season 3) has opened up.  You can register for Season 3 at https://forms.gle/g1JJrMvyPUzZNkDZ6
Registration Ends:  23 Apr 2021
Season 3 Starts:  01 May 2021
The format and rules are still being finalized.  But here is what you can expect.
Game Setup:  90 min timer, +2 USA, optional cards
Total Games:  12 - 18 games (regular season) + more for those who qualify for playoffs
Pace of Play:  1 game every 10 days, you will play everyone in your division once, plus some out of division games (around 4-6 games)
Divisions:  Skill levels distributed amongst divisions based on ITSR (new players are base 5000 rating)
I strongly encourage you to join the league Discord channel for the most up to date information about the league.  Discord Channel = https://discord.gg/CeF9QtB
You can also visit our league website at https://www.twilight-league.com/
Craig Richards
Commissioner, Online Twilight Struggle League (OTSL)

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